Tierra del Fuego. Argentina & Chile. 2013-2016.

Adrift in blue is the story of a legendary place, from the moment that the imaginary of the End of that Inhospitable World is installed until its transmutation into a concrete place that, for the Yámanas is a hospitable place to live.

The photographs revealed themselves as «unknown lands» that express other images of the world and the past, and they tell us a lot about the known and unknown. They awake our interest in «what it could be», «what it is», and also in «what it can be».

Thus, Adrift in Blue proposes a return to the belonging, to the love for the place of the first inhabitants and the first settlers; a belonging that we envisage on the way.

Abstract form a text by Luis de Lassa (Teacher and Researcher. Director of the Institute of Culture, Society and State at the National University of Tierra del Fuego)

Fin del Mundo, 2017 first ed. edited by Chaco & Universidad de Cadiz, Spain.
Awarded First Prize LATAM Book at the Latin American Coloquium, México. 2017. Best 10 Photobooks of the year at
El País, Spain, 2017.
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Above: Sala La Kursala. Cadiz University, Spain. 2017; Below: EAC. National Contemporary Art Museum, Montevideo. Uruguay. 2018.

Museo Metropolitano de Quito, Ecuador. 2017.
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