Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2022

The process of Memory, Truth and Justice that began in Argentina after the recovery of democracy in 1983 involved the generation of Public Memory Policies aimed at making effective the right to truth, justice, reparation and the non-repetition of crimes and human rights violations. These public policies and events have been held every March for 40 years in Argentina.

At the same time, in the month of March 2023, Obscura project gave me a carte blanche and the possibility of developing a project in my city in this same period. Develop a project of 100 images in 2 weeks divided into 3 chapters. The first, Memory, was developed in 3 Memory spaces: The memory park, the Chacarita cemetery and the Ex Esma, a space that during the last civic-military dictatorship (1976-1983) functioned as a clandestine detention center in Argentina. The second chapter, Truth, speaks of my only certainty. My daughter Vera. And the third chapter, Justice, is a collaborative work with Diafar (lAfrican Diaspora in Argentina) where it is intended to reflect on the need to incorporate the racial ethnic variable and Afro-reparations in the broader context of reparative justice.